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Tips for Time Attack

GoddessOfAngelus, Feb 9, 11 2:56 AM.
Time Attack Tips
- Top priority in clearing TA stage: cut down the LAG. The less lag the better, the main key to defeat TA bosses.
- Graphic settings should be as minimum as possible.
- In a party, a lurer (preferably a tanker/HLPlayer) lead the party to boss killing spot. Once a spot, cut down the numbers of mobs if necessary.
- A puller pull in the boss to the killing spot while lurer continue to lure away any additional adds far away from the killing spot.
- All DD members focus on the boss while assign about 2 members (range DD if available, to pull them away from the main boss) to handle the summoned mobs once they are spawned. Remember, the more mobs, the more lag, the faster the whole pt is wiped out. Decrease lag is the FIRST priority in TA.
- One thing to take note of the mobs in TA. They uphold the motto of "We will follow you wherever you go" and they do not return to their place if there is someone nearby even the person they are attacking is defeated. So, always keep a distance from lurer in case the lurer dc-ed or defeated.

Postponed Siege Activities

GoddessOfAngelus, Jan 23, 11 1:58 AM.
Currently still in wait for guild alliance to reform....until then do level up and upgrade your equipments. XD

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

GoddessOfAngelus, Jan 18, 11 12:00 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!

And pls keep spam on guild chat to let members know n alert about this.
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